i am jaylink


Based out of St croix, Jahoia Francis aka JayLink was born on September 1st 1985. He found the love for music at ayoung age of 5 years old. Music was embedded in him as his father too was a musician. Coming from a caribbean island, he has been exposed to all genres of music. He fell in love with rap music when he bought his first cassette tape at the age of 10, which was Snoop Dogg DoggFather. he started expressing himself by means of poetry, which he learned to put in a rap format. He travelled back and forth from St.Croix to Brooklyn New York where he was exposed to both negative and positive aspects of life. From all these different exposures and experiences, he crafted ways to tell his stories through his rap music. The lack of having producers , pushed JayLink to craft his own beats. Having so much drive to be his own entity, Jahoia picked up other talents such as graphic design, photography and producing/engineering. Eventually, he learned to direct and produce music videos. The ups & downs and hardship faced through out his life reflects in his music.